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From electrifying youngsters to seasoned veterans: the best directors of 2014

Even if their movies didn’t always gel completely (though most of them did), these five directors redefined what you could do in the cinematic medium in 2014. Using every ounce of their considerable talent, they made movies that were either visually so arresting or conceptually so bold they will haunt you for a lifetime.

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Five true originals in a banner year for storytelling

In a movie landscape increasingly dominated by sequels, reboots and franchises, luckily there are still some true originals out there. My five nominees for best original screenplay prove that there is still talent out there, willing to stare at a blank page and create something extraordinary.

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A driver, an inmate, a lover, a painter, a drummer

Are Brits by default the best actors in the world? I wouldn’t necessarily say that, but on my year-end list they combine for three out of the five spots. In what was once again a stellar year for thespians, these five performances will in my opinion stand the test of time.

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The five most wonderful actresses of 2014

It is often said there are too few good roles for women in the movie business. At least five great actresses defied the odds this year and deivered a towering performance, perhaps not surprisingly in an independent feature. Enjoy five clips of these actresses plying their craft and find out who of them impacted me the most.

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Who wrote the best adapted screenplay of the year?

On day five of my countdown of the best achievements in film in 2014, we move on to the REALLY important categories, i.e. screenwriting. Which wordsmiths wrote this year’s best adaptations? Find it out in the video below.

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The best edited movies of the year

Editing is an often underappreciated craft of moviemaking. But done right it can transform a movie from good to great. Here are the five editors that did this better than anyone during the past year.

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2014: a phenomenal year for supporting performances

Continuing my countdown of the best movie feats in various categories, today I take a look at the best supporting actors of the year. To whittle them down to just five contenders was not easy to do, as 2014 produced a wealth of award-worthy performances. Still, in the end, one performance really stood out. Find out who walks home with the gold in the clip below.

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The best-looking movies of the year

In part two of my look back on the cinema year 2014, I’m focussing on the cinematography, the use of a camera and lighting on a picture. Many movies looked great this year, but only five made the cut on my list. Which one will be crowned as best achievement in cinematography of 2014? Find out in the video below:

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New flash fiction coming in 2015. Now: a look back at the movie year 2014!

Hi, everyone!

I have neglected this blog a bit in the past couple of months. The reason is simple: I’ve been busy writing my new (non-fiction) book and with all the research that goes into that I just haven’t found the time to post a new flash fiction story. Hopefully I should recommence writing short stories in early 2015.

As is my annual habit, I have also collected my thoughts about the movie year that was. The 150-odd films I saw in cinemas in 2014 were varied, often good, but sometimes abysmal, though in the end 2014 turned out to be a pretty fine film year. From today till December 31st, I’ll be posting the cream of the crop in ten different categories, culminating in my top ten movies of the year.

Today, I present the five contenders for Best Supporting Actress. Which one was my favourite? You’ll find out at the end of the clip.

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312. You won’t go gently

“You won’t go gently”, the doctor tells the boy. “It will be hell.”

He’d go into details, but the kid would never fathom it. He’s just too young. Not that the disease cares. It has taken his parents. Soon it will take the boy.

Though the virus is decimating the population, the kids are still best off. They will last three weeks, sometimes a full month. But how comforting is that when bursting ulcers will eventually destroy you from within as your glands swell and cut off all oxygen to your lungs?

Yet not a frown is seen on the boy’s face. His gaze doesn’t look at the doctor at all but towards the window. And he smiles.

When there is nothing left to salvage, what is there to do but laugh it off?

The doctor gestures in the motley gang behind the glass.

“Send in the clowns!” he yells.

In the boy’s eyes, they’re already there.

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