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Pick your favourite ‘300 stories’ tale!

Okay, first piece of good news: I will be continuing this blog with new flash fiction stories in 300 words (or less). Not quite at the same pace as before, but I’m aiming for one story a week. I’ll also set myself another challenge, but more on that later. (Hint: this will contain considerable more than 300 words).

Second piece of news: I’ll be publishing a collection of my favourite stories among the 300 (both print and e-book). 85 of these stories I have selected myself. The other 16 you, my loyal and most appreciated readers, can chose. Every day for the next two weeks I’ll publish a poll pitting two stories against each other. The winning stories will be included in the book.

Today’s poll is an epic stand-off between androids and dodos.

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289. Most of Machu Pichu

Most of Machu Pichu was now hidden from view by the fog, that had rolled in from the surrounding mountains. From it, the thin silhouette of Richard Graham emerged, impeccably clad in a white Italian suit.

“You can run from murder, mister Highsmith, but you cannot hide from it.”



Read the rest of the tale and 100 more stories in 300 words or less in YOU’RE GETTING SLEEPY, THE HYPNOTIST’S APPRENTICE YAWNED.

Available at the Createspace Store, at, or any other Amazon store in your territory.  E-book is also available.

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