Stories 1 – 300

  1. You fucking cunt
  2. Go out and explore
  3. The bird waddled
  4. Thaxn
  5. I love the things I hate about you
  6. He kept his socks on
  7. Shut the front door
  8. I didn’t fuck our next-door neighbour’s teenage son
  9. The isle loomed
  10. Snow wreaked havoc on morning traffic
  11. Eugenie Littlewhite mostly told the truth
  12. An infernal storm raged inside Kevin’s head
  13. Incoherent strumming
  14. He looked down on humanity
  15. Yet another Valentine’s Day without a boyfriend
  16. Cherry buds were blooming
  17. Vernon walks the wall vertically
  18. The yellow custard smiled at you
  19. So this priest tried to add me on Linked-In
  20. You are the colour of the North
  21. You’ll be sniffed out by the plants
  22. The wall of ice crept towards the house.
  23. These are your plug-in legs
  24. The lump was benign
  25. Game over. Or was it?
  26. See you tomorrow
  27. The time machine crashed halfway between Connecticut and the renaissance
  28. Guillermo swooned over his new girlfriend
  29. My name is Billy Wilder
  30. I’ve made a huge mistake
  31. The one-legged gunslinger
  32. The marble statues were silent witnesses
  33. I butted in on his date
  34. The foul stench of murder overpowered her cheap perfume
  35. Bring us to Beethoven and Chuck Berry
  36. A woolly mammoth appeared on the pink chair
  37. Quantum rules apply
  38. As if
  39. Tracking your every move since childhood
  40. The atheist extremists league
  41. Beelzebub was having a decidedly off-day
  42. Songbook for the criminally insane
  43. This is your dog?
  44. Can I tell you in images?
  45. The golf ball hits Jesper right between the eyes
  46. I live in Hamlet
  47. It was anyone’s guess where his cell-phone had disappeared to
  48. Nothing a pinch of salt can’t fix
  49. Gamma Seti was just a tiny dot
  50. Do not draw their attention
  51. Floppy shoes, a squirting flower and an assortment of red noses
  52. The spandex hero was in hot pursuit
  53. Rain swooped down on the festival like a biblical plague
  54. Atop the ruins of the giant art deco building
  55. Monogamy is a myth
  56. The cog-men admired the craftsmanship
  57. The wreck of the San Vincenzo
  58. Send in the pussy whisperers
  59. Do you believe in magic?
  60. Squiggly letters
  61. If life were a movie
  62. Maybe you should become a woman
  63. Dear Mary
  64. Coon. Dink. Eyetie. Kraut. Nip. Raghead.
  65. Terrible chat-up line number one
  66. The blowfish chef
  67. Math is fun
  68. The city’s veins were congested
  69. I should warn you, the box is empty
  70. The egg hatched under the Arctic
  71. Why not nuke Belgium?
  72. Svetlana was now the richest person in the world
  73. The toddler says ‘Dafydd’
  74. Take a walk among the ghosts
  75. The guy with the trapezoid hair
  76. His writer’s block was 13 inches high
  77. With a zoomph
  78. How about Mykonos?
  79. You are the best thing since sliced bread
  80. The ditty was insufferable
  81. The girl declared dead half an hour ago
  82. Shameless self-promotion was George’s forte
  83. You don’t like Sophie’s fiancée, do you, hon?
  84. This be the account of my untimely death
  85. Knock-knock
  86. Quentin hated the king
  87. Anastasia twirled the cyanide pill
  88. Smoke. Asparagus. A hint of seaweed.
  89. Godspeed
  90. Flight 666 to HEL
  91. The Sunday visit to mom
  92. Whispering is a craft
  93. Howdy, neighbour
  94.  You can cure me, right?
  95. The difference in appearance was so striking
  96. You crave the numbness the alcohol provides
  97. Themba took the moletrain
  98. Haikus are easy
  99. The company’s baseline read  ‘love your job’
  100. She disembowelled the priest on the altar
  101. Higher
  102. Jésus
  103. We’ve lost the Belgian contingent in the Sinai
  104. The songs travelled in her suitcase
  105. Reporting anything unusual won’t hurt you
  106. The upside of loneliness
  107. The invaders will return to annihilate us
  108. Seventeen penalties
  109. Its giant tentacles embraced the building
  110. Svea had gotten used to the cold, though not to the coldness of Ragnar
  111. Welcome to the poison squad
  112. The day after the merger
  113. Luckily the ice kept the bodies cold
  114. An open and shut case
  115. A hunter, lost in the woods
  116. It’s all between the ears
  117. The wormhole spat out the spaceship
  118. She hesitated to go up to him
  119. Here the séance turned violent
  120. I think up words for a living
  121. The withdrawal symptoms
  122. I feel lemon
  123. Swing for the fence
  124. The Lunar detective
  125. It hurts me to hurt her
  126. Serge smiled dumbly
  127. Olympic silver
  128. The morbidity of the soul
  129. Monsieur Stanley, je présume?
  130. The MP for Islingworth
  131. The return of the one-legged gunslinger
  132. The rabbit’s stare
  133. Big Ben tolled
  134. The majority of the continent
  135. The DNA left no room for interpretation
  136. Blood spurted by the gallon
  137. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, you are on the train to…
  138. The etiquette of eating
  139. My name is Paul and I’m an addict
  140. Ong Lek had been a very naughty Buddhist indeed
  141. Ann was short
  142. It is possible
  143. Define the smell of happiness
  144. One in five
  145. So the dick is a deal-breaker?
  146. They were eager to learn
  147. I call it the sincerity machine
  148. The weight of expectation
  149. I invariably picked the back row
  150. You forgot my snowflakes
  151. The scissor-wielding street gang
  152. The giraffe’s neck pushed through the foliage
  153. Time Travel Inc. When can I help you?
  154. Between the braids of hair nestled sand
  155. In other news
  156. The blood stains wouldn’t come out
  157. Even if Dali and Magritte
  158. The needle finds the right groove immediately
  159. I first kissed her when I was eleven and she was ten
  160. It was a dark and stormy night
  161. Drink more. Eat more. Fuck more.
  162. Impeachment is inevitable
  163. Their entire world
  164. When you’re waist-deep in shit and it’s not a metaphor
  165. Dum-digge-dum-digge-dum-digge-dum
  166. A mother, a widow, an heiress
  167. Holiday nostalgia hits you in delay
  168. The zebra rodeo
  169. She had smuggled
  170. Your vote will make a difference
  171. Lollipop!
  172. Explicit lyrics
  173. A girl. Again.
  174. Once upon a time there was a woodsman’s daughter
  175. The curious walkway curves
  176. Sax ad, noun
  177. Lately, I recall my dreams again
  178. The car hurls over the edge
  179. One dead body, two dozen suspects
  180. Limbo
  181. Tomorrow there’ll be millions
  182. Romcom for one
  183. Zodwa
  184. I hate
  185. The floodlights give out
  186. The dark beckons
  187. Look, his first teeth
  188. The human face is a wondrous tool
  189. He’ll never amount to anything
  190. The negro boy
  191. Ain’t worth shit
  192. Boo Boo Snicklefretz
  193. Humanity’s fate
  194. Kaiser Wilhelm
  195. Coming up to fourteen minutes past the hour
  196. If I hug you, will it warm you?
  197. Throw in the towel, Bill
  198. You are empty
  199. Once the sands
  200. If a bar
  201. The hypnotic whirl
  202. Drone 682 to spaceport twelve
  203. Women with glasses are sexy
  204. Who’s going to miss him?
  205. The small record store
  206. Marty the Moose sensed he was going to die
  207. Your luminescent disposition
  208. A physicist, a chemist and a priest
  209. I have no-one to play with and that is nonsense
  210. For centuries man had prayed for their Gods to descend. And now they had
  211. I did it all by myself
  212. The Tubular Alloy Steel Company
  213. Her insomnia
  214. Garbage spills
  215. I saw her naked
  216. Heads, she wins. Tails, I do.
  217. The traffic light flashes to a lighter shade of grey
  218. They were a rowdy bunch, this lot
  219. Being born on the cobbled streets
  220. There was an i in team
  221. Never trust a man without eyebrows
  222. A fondness of rhubarb
  223. RUOK?
  224. Despite all she’d been through, her shoes were still shining
  225. She does yoga and calls it a sport
  226. Death followed Martin around like a shadow
  227. Two had gone before
  228. The letter broke off abruptly after the words ‘I love you’
  229. The black midget ref
  230. My brain is open
  231. The revenge of the one-legged gunslinger
  232. The news from Baltimore arrived in a hearse
  233. We need a five point one rating in metered markets, not a snowball’s chance in hell
  234. I might love her
  235. The labyrinth
  236. The corruption of Alexandra
  237. Across the mountain pass
  238. You look thirsty, Pavel
  239. Think of it as a miniature time machine
  240. Monday
  241. When insanity came knocking
  242. All aboard!
  243. A winnable war
  244. On page 87 of the screenplay the actor died
  245. Peek-a-boo!
  246. Manitoba Lee
  247. Each time a friend, a colleague, even a random stranger asked him a question
  248. Life through a lens
  249. So this is the afterlife
  250. Certified bullshit
  251. I didn’t remember who started the talk: I or the convict
  252. None of the above
  253. Rien ne va plus
  254. His magnificent form started cracking
  255. Scaling giants
  256. Just blow the bloody fish to smithereens
  257. You know what’s wrong with this meringue?
  258. When the genius fucks up
  259. His majesty’s gallows
  260. Babi’s sugar intake
  261. Now the crocodile is in his coffin
  262. Objection overruled
  263. My dalliance with the devil
  264. How long has it been?
  265. Punch the keys
  266. The Polarians worshipped three gods
  267. Suicide note
  268. He’d promised them hope but all they saw in him was despair
  269. The day after
  270. The impenetrable safe
  271. The lava lamp sold
  272. Trust a Sikh and I fire a Jew
  273. Gunsmoke
  274. How queer, the pink elephant thought
  275. Water had run out days ago
  276. From the quagmire a creature arose
  277. The jazz trumpet sounded blue
  278. The autophagus
  279. Damn your vertigo
  280. After the gold rush
  281. So, mister Smith, we meet at last
  282. Hey, God
  283. Between the noise a sentence hid
  284. A neigh. A kick. Death.
  285. Life on the riverboat
  286. The beard must go
  287. Uneasy lies one’s head
  288. Inside the frame
  289. Most of Machu Pichu
  290. The eyes followed Cordelia around the room
  291. The pothole gobbled up the front wheel, then spat it out again
  292. I and the other sardines
  293. The ninth floor of the Soviet State Library
  294. The children all hauled a lumbering beast behind them
  295. The jumbo jet
  296. You’re getting sleepy
  297. The blood didn’t curdle, it boiled
  298. The radiation will kill you
  299. You pestilent woman
  300. And that, as they say, is it

17 thoughts on “Stories 1 – 300

  1. Hi mate. Thanks for stopping by my newborn blog 😀 really like it here!

  2. fredhorstman says:

    Thanks for putting all these in an archive. You made it easy to get to and the 300 word stories are fast and easy to read. I like what I have read so far. I started at 132 and I’m working my way up. Then it will be working my way down to number 300. Don’t stop!

  3. darsword says:

    Hi! Thanks for the follow. Looking forward to digging into these stories!

  4. Thanks for liking and following my blog. I shall take a look at yours. I love the task and the limitations you have set yourself.

  5. […] and when  I recently came across an incredible blog dedicated to flash fiction, entitled ’300 Stories’ I suddenly gained the motivation to spend a little more time on my own creative writing. So, […]

  6. […] this on to you, dear readers. I think you might find it interesting. Here’s a link to the archive  of his […]

  7. Hi, I recently got myself into writing 300word stories by virtue of being persuaded into entering a 300 word story competition. I was looking for inspiration on google and I came across your blog. Its really great. I dont know if I’ll write 300 stories, but you have inspired me to set up my own blog for my stories. Once I’ve learnt to drive my wordpress will publish my blog address and you too can read my stories.

    • Looking forward to reading some of your stories. If you enjoy writing 300 word tales even half as much as I do, you’re in for much fun.

      • jas55 says:

        Hi I’m learning my way through wordpress. I’ve writtend 8 posts but they are in draft, How do I publish my draft. I havent come across this the tutorials.

  8. jas55 says:

    Ok, I’ve figured it out.

  9. leamuse says:

    Impressive! I’ll have to return with some time for reading.
    Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts.

  10. That is some output. I am in the shade…

  11. Many thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate it.

  12. andyjcash says:

    Just wanted to say I think this is an amazing, ambitious project that you are keeping up with competently. Well done!

  13. Found this a very interesting excersize! Congrats on finishing 300 stories! 🙂

  14. Rosa Fierro says:

    I love your stories and you inspired me to write (I write in Spanish)

  15. Ashash says:

    hi, thanks for following me. i find your stories rather intriguing, esp with the limit you have set. that itself is very creative.
    will visit often.

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