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New flash fiction coming in 2015. Now: a look back at the movie year 2014!

Hi, everyone!

I have neglected this blog a bit in the past couple of months. The reason is simple: I’ve been busy writing my new (non-fiction) book and with all the research that goes into that I just haven’t found the time to post a new flash fiction story. Hopefully I should recommence writing short stories in early 2015.

As is my annual habit, I have also collected my thoughts about the movie year that was. The 150-odd films I saw in cinemas in 2014 were varied, often good, but sometimes abysmal, though in the end 2014 turned out to be a pretty fine film year. From today till December 31st, I’ll be posting the cream of the crop in ten different categories, culminating in my top ten movies of the year.

Today, I present the five contenders for Best Supporting Actress. Which one was my favourite? You’ll find out at the end of the clip.

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