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Pick your favourite ‘300 stories’ tale!

Okay, first piece of good news: I will be continuing this blog with new flash fiction stories in 300 words (or less). Not quite at the same pace as before, but I’m aiming for one story a week. I’ll also set myself another challenge, but more on that later. (Hint: this will contain considerable more than 300 words).

Second piece of news: I’ll be publishing a collection of my favourite stories among the 300 (both print and e-book). 85 of these stories¬†I have selected myself. The other 16 you, my loyal and most appreciated readers, can chose. Every day for the next two weeks I’ll publish¬†a poll pitting two stories against each other. The winning stories will be included in the book.

Today’s poll is an epic stand-off between androids and dodos.

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