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110. Svea had gotten used to the cold, though not to the coldness of Ragnar

Svea had gotten used to the cold, though not to the coldness of Ragnar, the scientist she’d spent the past seven months with in the most extreme region of the Arctic.

Ragnar hardly spoke to her and when he did he was gruff and hostile. She had often tried to melt his sub-zero demeanour but to no avail. He remained a heartless brute who carried out experiments, ate the food she cooked but ignored her in every other way.

On Christmas eve she made a final attempt to thaw the ice. While Ragnar collect data from the instruments, Svea constructed a primitive Christmas tree, made from green plastic cuttings and decorated with the fluorescent goo  they used in their experiments. She prepared a three course dinner with the finest ingredients available to her. She made a list of the most Christmassy songs on her iPod and put them on shuffle. This would surely break his resistance against joy and happiness.

Only it didn’t. When Ragnar entered from the cold, icicles dangling from his thick brown beard, he shrugged at the warmth Svea had created in the sterile building. He just sat down, gobbled down his food and on his way to the bedroom shoved to the floor the plastic tree.

Svea was ready to throw in the towel once and for all when Ragnar re-emerged, took her into his arms and gave her the most passionate kiss she had ever received.

“Was it worth the wait?” Ragnar asked.

The magical glow of aurora borealis in her eyes said it all.



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