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169. She had smuggled

She had smuggled drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, firearms, even counterfeit Mickey Mouse figurines across the American-Canadian border but, after plying her trade for twenty years, Noemi Trudeau now would make her boldest attempt: smuggling herself across.

Noemi did not do this just to set herself a challenge. No, she needed to get out of Canada. Quickly. Problem was of course that the usual smuggling routes were no longer an option, since they were being closely watched by both the police and the hoodlums she had rubbed the wrong way. She’d have to find a new path across the border, one both ingenious and easy to navigate.

After carefully considering the options, Noemi’s eye fell on a small river that ran across the Miller’s farm, a vast piece of land that lay partly on Canadian, partly on US soil. The current was quite strong in the stream but not strong enough to do damage to the watertight vessel she would use to transport herself to the safe side of the border.

Under the veil of a pitch dark night the seasoned smuggler would push the barrel into the water, climb in and seal the unusual mode transportation from within. Noemi calculated that the crossing would take about thirty minutes. In that time she would have no clue about where she was, whether she was moving at pace at all of if she had overshot her desired landing area, in which case a fifty feet drop from a waterfall lay in waiting.

Right there she realised her smuggling days were truly over. Not because she was on the run. But because she had allowed herself to smuggle such a ridiculous escape plan into her head she almost thought it could succeed.



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