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58. Send in the pussy whisperers

Send in the pussy whisperers, the director yelled.

The shot had been attempted a dozen times and he still hadn’t gotten the right close-up. Which was annoying cause the pussy shot was going to be the prime selling point for the movie. It was to feature prominently in the trailer and be the focal point of the poster. Hell, the movie itself was going to be called ‘Taming Pussy’. So without this shot there would not even be a movie. Time to send in the pros.

In came Linda and Vicky, the pair of lesbians whom the tongue-in-cheek crew had called pussy whisperers from day one of the shoot. They kneeled down and worked their magic.

On the sidelines the first grip and sound recorder chatted.

That’s a lot of pussy, the first grip said.

You’d think someone would have noticed, the sound recorder replied.

On set Linda and Vicky fondled the pussy in all the right places, causing its muscles at first to contract but then to relax. The director smiled wryly. He was sure the British Longhair was going to perform this time. But he also knew this was the last instance he’d ever direct a children’s movie about these goddamned uncooperative cats.



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