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193. Humanity’s fate

Humanity’s fate would be decided here, in Greece, where thousands of years ago battles less bloody if not less heroic were fought.

On one side stood the angels, wielding swords of white fire. On the other, the demons, sharpening their brimstone axes. And in the stands, an anxious assortment of mortals.

Man had summoned the dark and the light to arbitrate his future. After harvesting the power of steam and lightning, ushering in the age of the atom was the next phase in human evolution. But man was cowardly and did not want to be responsible for decisions about the atom’s power. Whether he would use it for good or for evil would be decided by God and the Devil.

As the battle erupted, demons were slain and angels slaughtered. In the stands man was in envious awe of the power both sides wielded. Whoever the victors, the mortals silently agreed, the power of the atom would obliterate them all.



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