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70. The egg hatched under the Arctic

The egg hatched under the Arctic, kindled by the warming 21st century current that had decimated the subsurface ice in which it had remained dormant for eons. Thrust violently into the world the youngling quickly clawed through the frozen ceiling and filled it’s infant lungs with crisp cold air.

The sun hung low and dim from the sky but she was the beast’s only friend in this hostile environment. A kindred spirit to the fire that was brewing in its belly but for now was insufficient to warm its quivering body. Though it could destroy the entirety of Western Europe in one fell swoop once fully-grown, the animal was ill equipped for freezing temperatures and struggled to survive.

When an Inuit discovered its carcass the following morning he was in awe of the creature’s majesty, even in its infancy. He gave it a proper burial and on the cross atop its grave inscribed the wondrous phrase he’d often admired on old parchment maps.

Here there be dragons.



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