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145. So the dick is a deal-breaker?

“So the dick is a deal-breaker?” the she-male asked.

“Yep,” Shane said, oozing disappointment with some disgust thrown in.

He had picked up his companion for the night near Central Station, not knowing the neighbourhood was renowned for prostitutes whose gender was best described as ‘miscellaneous’.

“You know, I could just tuck it away. Out of sight, out of mind. I should have some tape…”

“Don’t bother,” Shane said. He was sitting naked on the edge of the bed, his back towards Titiana. The name should have been a clue, really.

Titiana embraced the customer. The hermaphrodite’s breasts pressed against Shane’s back.

“Give it a try. You might like it.”

“I seriously doubt it.”

“Go on.”

Titiana’s hand moved towards Shane’s groin.

“You’re going to dock me anyway, aren’t you?”

“That’s the name of the game, hon.”

Titiana was a pro. As far as aphrodisiacs went, she knew none was stronger than an empty wallet without at least some friskiness to show for it.



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