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199. Once the sands

Once the sands had tickled these walls continually but that sensation too had long deserted the house.

First the humans had left, frantically stripping the building down to its bare essentials and taking with them the sounds that had filled the hallways with joyous life.

Then the clouds arrived, depriving the windows of the warm reflection of sunlight and casting gloomy eternal shadows on the crumbling walls.

The creeping sand had momentarily given new life to the house in the form of ever-changing dunes, guided by the unpredictable winds from the East. But they too disappeared in time, leaving behind a sandy tomb.

All that was left now was the taste of nuclear rain. It had eaten away most of the paint and would soon be feasting on the bricks, mortar and wood, until there was nothing left to devour.

Yet the front door still stood proudly askew, as though the house still fully expected a rosy future to come knocking.

As if impending death was but a pessimist mindset.



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