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112. The day after the merger

The day after the merger, jeans were allowed again. The staff – who had detested the uniform trousers ever since they were made mandatory eleven years ago – embraced the new-found freedom with gusto from day one.

They wore blue jeans, black jeans, red and yellow. Wide jeans, narrow ones, jeans from stretchy fabric. Jeans with buttons, jeans with zippers, jeans in every form and size. Vintage jeans, haute couture and the pair that you had found at the back of the closet and you couldn’t possibly fit into anymore. Or could you?

Suffice to say, if jeans were your fetish of choice, you’d have an orgasm just by entering the lobby.

So at the next board meeting the inevitable question came up. Why had the new bosses decided on allowing jeans as their first executive decision?

“It is in our interest that the workforce keeps buying our products,” the CEO explained. “If they associate this place with happy memories, even just the one, they will buy more. It’s a basic law of successful management.”

“But half of them won’t have the money,” a board member protested. “Half of them will be made redundant in six months time. That’s essential for the merger to pan out, right?”

The CEO, a former banker, smiled.

“Trust me. They’ll keep on buying.”



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