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55. Monogamy is a myth

“Monogamy is a myth,” the groom said. His six brides nodded in unison, though only five meant it.

Shirley might have just married ‘Many Wives Marc’, she didn’t believe in his views. To her mind each woman should only have sex with one man at a time and vice versa. She was a hopeless romantic in that regard.

Obviously that wasn’t going to happen on wedding night. Marc would first have his way with Andrea, then Camille, Julie, Nathalie, Sarah and finally herself. An alphabetical orgy. Each bride, when the groom was banging another of his wives, would in turn fuck one of their own lovers. Each bride but Shirley.

So by the time Marc had made his way to her bedroom and put on his sixth rubber of the evening she asked him the question that had been pinballing though her mind for what seemed like ages.

“Can we be exclusive?”

He answered yes.

After all, he’d just fulfilled his lifelong dream to fuck six brides in one night and he was pretty sure he’d catch a VD if this polygamous arrangement persisted.

Whoever said romance is dead?



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