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223. RUOK?


– SMH.

– Wot?

– ❤


– BF brk up w/ me 2day. E sez e did n cht on me, but e ad iz I on tht *b* Tanya lke 4eva.

– wnt me 2 cum O?

– n, I’m OK.

– RU sure?

– def.

– Rly sure?

– QQ.

– F it. I cum O.

– Ty. But CD9.

– B@TGIF in 10. BFF, 143.

– 1432


Keisha’s parents closed the chat room window. Their daughter had just stormed out of the house without saying a word and they were worried. So they did what every parent would do. They opened up her laptop.

“Are those drug codes?” mom asked.

“I wish I knew,“ dad replied.

He truly did. And he realised that invading your daughter’s privacy in the age of txtese was as futile as carrying coal to Newcastle – especially for those that still knew what that particular proverb used to mean.



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