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132. The rabbit’s stare

The rabbit’s stare bordered on the demonic. The creature may have been all white and fluffy but the blackness of its eyes told a different story altogether.

What the rabbit was doing on the train seat opposite me was unclear. It had appeared quite suddenly, somewhere in the ten or so seconds between me glancing at the still empty seat, delving into the boring book on my lap and looking up again.

I tried approaching the rabbit, gently, as not to startle it. But barely had I moved or two elfin hands picked it up.

“Mr. Snuffles didn’t  bother you, did he?” the girl asked. She was as elfin as her hands yet the polar opposite of her bunny with her wild black hair and gorgeous eyes that betrayed a genuine sweetness.

“No,” I stuttered. “Though he was a bit… odd.”

“I hadn’t locked him away securely in his cage and before I knew it he got away from me.”

“You should never let someone you love slip through your fingers,” I said.

The girl agreed.

“I should get him back to his cage now,” she said.

“I guess you should,” I replied.

“Or you could just take the seat opposite me,” I continued.

She smiled.

“You weren’t kidding about not letting stuff slip through your fingers, were you?”

I wasn’t.

And judging by the still demonic glance in the rabbit’s eyes, neither was he.



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