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118. She hesitated to go up to him

She hesitated to go up to him. He had been smitten with her a couple of years back. Seriously smitten. He had sent her love letters, confessed his admiration for her for everyone to hear, wooed her like nobody had wooed her before or since. But she had shunned him. She might even have promised to go out with him once but she never came through. They were colleagues then and she drew a strict line between work and her private life. And Henrik had paid the price.

In the years since she had sometimes wondered if she had made a mistake. He was smart, he was funny, he was most of the things she looked for in a man. And as he was standing there in his immaculate shirt and tie he even looked quite dapper, something she had never associated him with before.

He looked up and their eyes crossed. He obviously wanted her to walk his way. For a moment she hesitated but then she went up to him.

“Hey, Henrik,” she said.

“Hey, Lana. Looking good. Though I’d probably say that even I you weren’t. But you are, just to be clear.”

He was flirting as though the years in between never happened. This time she didn’t ignore it.

“You look great as well.”

“It’s been a while. Did you miss me?”

“Yes,” she said and she realised it wasn’t a lie.

He smiled, like a boy that was falling in love for the first time.

She smiled back, equally smitten.

“Hey, Henrik, wake up.”

Henrik snapped out of his dreamy gaze but didn’t stop staring at the girl across the room. The one he had obsessed about years ago. She spotted him too now, and politely (perfunctory) waved.

But she wasn’t walking his way.



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