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140. Ong Lek had been a very naughty Buddhist indeed

Ong Lek had been a very naughty Buddhist indeed.

That is why the other monks had sequestered him in the two by four patch of garden surrounded by ankle-high barbed wire. To repent. But Ong Lek did not feel like repenting. He’d had it with this religion.

Buddhism had many virtues yet choice was not one of them. With each passing day in the monastery Ong Lek had grown  a bigger grudge against the cult of predestination that gripped the others. With each passing day he had rebelled more. He wanted to prove the other monks wrong.

That is why he’d done his shocking deed. To hammer an obtrusive nail in the coffin of predestination. He did it once and he’d do it again.

Ong Lek bowed his head. From under his garment he produced a sharp knife.

He desperately hoped he’d be right and prayed he wouldn’t reincarnate as himself for the second time.



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