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38. As if

As if.

Disdain spoke clearly from those two words. Disdain for a girl who had just  told him she loved him and wondered if he could ever feel the same about her. Disdain because she did not fulfil whatever outrageous conditions he had set for a young woman to become his girlfriend. Tara had had enough. Her frail teenage heart had been broken once too often by boys like this.

She swiftly knocked him to the floor with a well-placed karate kick to the neck. He wasn’t looking down on her now, she thought. Next Tara planted her foot on his kneecap, which shattered almost immediately, provoking a painful cry from the boy. The pummelling continued for quite a while and included a broken fibula, two black eyes and an especially crushing kick to the nuts. Damn, vengeance felt good!

“Any last words?” she cynically asked.

“As if you’d have to ask. I was gonna say, as if you’d have to ask”, the boy clarified, squinting.

“You were?” Tara replied, before throwing her arms round his neck and showering him with kisses.

“I knew it. I just knew you couldn’t resist me.”

It dawned right there on the boy he had quite a conundrum on his hands.



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