177. Lately, I recall my dreams again

Lately, I recall my dreams again. That hasn’t happened for a decade.

The dreams are vivid in their detail, more alive than they were before it seems. As though there is no waking up any more, only an instant jump from one realm of reality to another. Others tell me the same is happening to them. They too at midnight are thrust into another world they cannot seem to shake when dawn comes knocking.

More curious still is that our dreams are starting to intertwine. Our dream-worlds, as vastly different as an alien planet and a Sunday church picnic, are merging. It is getting harder and harder to define who is dreaming what: our vantage points remain our own but the situations we face and the characters we encounter appear to be alike.

We all fear the same: that the spillage will not contain itself to our dreams. Reality appears ripe to be warped, with rumours of strange happenings already emerging from the East.

But we try to keep that fear at bay.

Otherwise the nightmares may start spilling over as well.



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4 thoughts on “177. Lately, I recall my dreams again

  1. Tarina says:

    This made me shiver… love it as always

  2. azylia123 says:

    Really enjoyed how this one started off innocuously, but then spun down into darkness so fast over so few words. Keep up the good work.

  3. lisapepler says:

    Best one yet, I could have kept reading and reading…

  4. Kirk Fury says:

    Dreams are reality in disguise.
    I applaud your mission to do a story–almost–a day.

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