73. The toddler says ‘Dafydd’

The toddler says ‘Dafydd’. It’s the third word he has ever uttered, after the inevitable ‘mom’ and ‘dad’.

Dafydd is moved by this. He is a proud godfather and tries to visit his sister’s son as often as he can.  And this is the cherry on the cake.



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8 thoughts on “73. The toddler says ‘Dafydd’

  1. littlemissw says:

    Very funny.

  2. i*Kan says:

    haha… poor babies. I always wonder what they are trying to communicate and how frustrating it must be for them when we cant understand!

  3. uw collega says:


  4. rilzy says:

    I broke out in a huge grin at the “soon he will”. Impending doom! 🙂 I loved it.

  5. adjpants says:

    I too enjoy a bit of impending doom!

  6. liewithstyle says:

    Now everyone assumes that babies are going to be thinking of nice, fluffy things, so nobody suspects when they are plotting revenge.

  7. theroyalist says:

    Nice one.

    And I must admit that I don’t know how to say Daffyd.

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