104. The songs travelled in her suitcase

The songs travelled in her suitcase. They were her companion anywhere she went. And she’d been everywhere.

When Oona Williams started out there where a mere twelve songs in there. After four decades of touring there were a thousand. Love songs. Protest songs. Songs about cute kittens. Hate songs. Cheery songs. Songs about green mittens. And every week the suitcase – somehow – found room for one more.



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14 thoughts on “104. The songs travelled in her suitcase

  1. gouis23 says:

    What’s the truth! I need to know! I love your flash fiction, and stop by again at blametheblogger.wordpress.com

  2. An excellent, thoughtful story, with its roots firmly anchored in reality.

  3. dawnhosking says:

    That’s really good. You held my interest and in so few words got me to care about the character! Good stuff.

  4. zookyworld says:

    Oona never hit it big, but she was living a life through her craft. Sounds much better than being stuck in a cubicle for 40 years. As for the ending of the suitcase, it would be neat to hear the truth and the legend. But I think it would be more interesting to hear the legend, since once that’s repeated over and over for many years by many people, it becomes the truth.

  5. Rachael Charmley says:

    Really enjoying your flash fiction. Really don’t know how you do it! 😉

  6. jfgrace says:

    Awesome and interesting! History can be viewed as one big legend, often from the winners viewpoint.

  7. Rachael Charmley says:

    Excellent title – compelled to read further… and it was worth it!

  8. syl65 says:

    Wonderful. I prefer the legend, by the way.

  9. b00kreader says:

    One hundred times… the legend!

  10. Frances D says:

    How do you do it? I shall be wondering about
    that suitcase all night.

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