241. When insanity came knocking

When insanity came knocking, uncle Bartholomew invited it in with open arms. He had been before, like all men in my family, a sturdy, logical man, who hardly ever strayed from the path of normality. A square.

Now he had decided he was going to be a loop.



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10 thoughts on “241. When insanity came knocking

  1. Insanity gives life meaning. We all have some 😀 amazingly written.

  2. syl65 says:

    your writing is insanely off the charts.

  3. This story is really great – I love how you can fit a world into so few words.

  4. Danny James says:

    I can relate, except for the chandelier part.


  5. jimmie g says:

    Oh boy. What 300 words will you write then?!

  6. How exactly does one pronounce “myxlprztlx”? I keep coming up with something that sounds suspiciously like “mexican preztel,” but I’m fairly sure that’s incorrect.

    I’m also beginning to believe that the pronunciation of this word is your attempt to make us ALL invite insanity in.

  7. Ruth2Day says:

    how I would have like to have an Uncle such as this! Great story

  8. WORDMAN says:

    This reminds me of the quote written by Charles Bukowski : “Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.” There is no such thing as ‘normal’. I haven’t read all your essays (yet) but I like what I’ve experienced thus far. Thanks.

  9. Matua says:

    You. Are. Genius.

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