255. Scaling giants

Scaling giants might sound like fun to the uninitiated, but it is a dangerous endeavour, suitable only for those brave souls willing to risk their lives for a folly.

I myself was uncertain whether I was cut out for it when the giants were first spotted in the Andes. They had slept for eons, hidden between the mountains, gathering moss. Their rumbling awakening frightened me to the core: immovable rocks shaking off the accumulated snow and flicking off entire villages on their backs. Soon they were on the move, roaming the continents.



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9 thoughts on “255. Scaling giants

  1. Harry Daniel says:

    That is absolutely brilliant!

  2. jas55 says:

    Highly imaginitive

  3. RegRR says:

    I love how you ended this! I felt challenge reading it. It’s like you were here with me telling me about your conquest and challenging me. Nice.

    I wonder though, was this meant to be taken literally or was it intentionally made to feel like it has a deeper meaning or something like that? Because after reading it, and rereading it, I feel like you’re trying to tell me something other than just literal giants. Or it could just be me feeling philosophical right now hahaha.

    • It’s definitely meant to make you think, otherwise I would have chosen a different closing line. To me, the power of ‘giants’ (beit philosophers, writers, artists, politicians, …) to continue challenging new generations was an inspiration to write this, for example. But I like to make the reader make up their own mind. If you just want to see a fantasy tale, that’s in there. If you find a deeper meaning in there that relates to your personal life, all the better.

  4. ehbates says:

    Fascinating and thought-provoking, as usual. I’m always amazed at how much complexity you can pack into so few words.

  5. jimmie g says:

    My favorite so far.

  6. gertloveday says:

    Yep, this is my favourite too. I like the way the real and the metaphorical merge. This is a great site to drop into – always something to think about.

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