297. The blood didn’t curdle, it boiled

The blood didn’t curdle, it boiled, as it spilt from the phial and violently reacted with the Jerusalem air. Up until then Ari Zimmerman had been sceptical that the artefact he and his elite team of treasure hunters had retrieved from a ruined church in Tegucigalpa did indeed contain the blood of Cain, but now any hesitance about its origin had evaporated.



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4 thoughts on “297. The blood didn’t curdle, it boiled

  1. An interesting subject for your story and it flowed nicely.

  2. amamic1 says:

    Great story, very interesting subject.

  3. Patrick Kemp says:

    I liked this. It reminds me of the scene in Indian Jones where the Nazis open the Arc of the covenant and are surprised by what they unleashed…

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