131. The return of the one-legged gunslinger

Today’s flash is a bit of a special one since it’s the first sequel of the lot. So, if you want to read the complete tale of the one-legged gunslinger, be sure to first feast your eyes on story number 31. And since I like this character so much, I can tell you that (like James Bond) the one-legged gunslinger will return… possibly for story number 231. Are there any other characters from my stories you’d like to see used in a sequel? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

The return of the one-legged gunslinger took Nothing Gorge by surprise.

It had been three months since the grumpy cowboy had set foot – or rather: hopped foot – into town, intent on revenge with a rolled R, in the wrong town.

The gunslinger hopped to the saloon counter. He was now missing an arm as well, luckily on the other side of his body as the absent leg, so it didn’t hinder his balance too much.

“Find Jameson?” the bartender asked, sliding a whisky the gunslinger’s way.



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12 thoughts on “131. The return of the one-legged gunslinger

  1. M. C. Dulac says:

    I’d like to know how things worked out for the Grim Reaper and that girl.

  2. matthewexeter says:

    Is this for a graphic novel?

  3. lexborgia says:

    Wicked business, mate. I popped over to part1 first; excellent sequel, total sucks you if you can survive the laugh attacks. Reminds me of the cat in the saloon: look what the cat dragged in…hey, wait a minute, that is the cat (puss in boots). Definitely looking forward to the next instalment; please bring it sooner rather than later. Cheers.

  4. gouis23 says:

    I really like your flash fiction!
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    Hope you enjoy writing your guest post!
    I will hope for a yes!

  5. I enjoy all of your flash fiction, but this one was just crazy good. No half-measures here.

  6. Wonderful stuff. Definitely bring him back. If not 231, then 231 1/2.

  7. b00kreader says:

    I can see why that character stocks in your mind 🙂

  8. jitko3 says:

    I loved 31 and was really impressed with your Western Americana voice (high praise from a born and raised Texan who was addicted to Western novels as a teen). You topped yourself in 131. This one was ridiculously and masterfully hysterical. I look forward to 231–and reading how much of the poor gunslinger is left. Maybe just some cells on a slide? 🙂

    [Speaking of homelands, before I learned you are from Belgium I thought you were just really enthusiastic about your food choices and/or restrictions (DIETer).]

  9. […] Today’s story is the third part of my one-legged gunslinger trilogy. This ‘threequel’ can be read as a self-contained story, but if you want to appreciate the entire story, why not check out the first part of the tale (story number 31) and its sequel (story number 131). […]

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